Existing natural organic materials such as seaweed or seabird guano are auxiliaries that add to fertilization or plant nutrition.

However, a large number of organic agricultural inputs do not have the bioavailability of nutrients; this can cause soil blocking, long waiting times for it to degrade or even contamination by pathogens or pollutants.

90% of natural agricultural inputs are untreated materials that extend the process of degradation and nutrient uptake.

4 out of 5 seaweed extracts on the market do not have macro and micro nutrients bioavailable for plants.

It is a tough decision to choose which product or material is effective or which is not; one must know the source and treatment to which it is subjected.

Global agriculture demands a more sustainable nutrition, one where soils’ preservation and nutritional content allow the production of quality fruits.

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Try it and discover why Algas Pacific is a sea of nutrients


Easy and rapid nutrient assimilation


Increase in production, caliber and fruit weight

More efficient nutrition

enhancement of nutrients, increased resistance to stress and external factors.


Homogeneous fruits of better quality


Seamlessly mix with other agricultural inputs.

Shelf life

More resilient fruit.

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