High-assimilation nutrients

Designed under the concept of green chemistry and the own technology of the AP method, this line offers solutions by proposing nutrient bioavailability, assimilation, effectiveness and translocation, thus achieving the biorational use of NPK, copper and zinc. Its application fosters the growth of new tissues for the uptake, storage and metabolization of nutrients, hence avoiding their accumulation and the blocking of the soil.


Micronutrient and resistance inducer developed for the stabilization, distribution, and translocation of copper nanoparticles that covers nutritional and phytopathological needs in plants. Más información


Source of macroelements of easy assimilation; it works as a starter nutrient and complement for organic and conventional nutrition. Más información


Nutritional fertilizer made of mineral zinc and chelating agents extracted from seaweeds that reinforce uptake, translocation and assimilation. Más información