CopperKelp® lauches at CONAFIH 2018

5 septiembre, 2018News

Algas Pacific was present at the V National Congress of Phytosanitation and Food Safety in Vegetables (CONAFIH).

Consecutive years, we have participated in CONAFIH with the intention of sharing our experience with products of natural origin, such as Seaweed.

During the event, our General Director David Lora, along with Ing. Erick Guerrero, presented the new product CopperKelp®, a concentrate of marine algae with copper as micronutrient; developed under the concept of nanotechnology and green chemistry.

Thanks to the properties of the algae extract, it can be used as a carrier of active copper molecules. At the same time it provides organic matter, nutrients and minerals that help the soil and plants to prevent diseases.

CopperKelp® helps in the improvement of the environment, reducing the amount and use of materials for the control of phytopathogenic pests as it reduces the accumulation of copper in the soil.

Advantages of Copperkelp®

  • Greater protected area of ​​the plant by the application method
  • It has control of greater release of Cu2 + ions
  • Better adhesion, stability and absorption of the product due to its carriage property and generation of bioavailable molecules
  • Only the right amount is used for the nutrition of crops and beneficial microorganisms
  • Less amount of copper used, decreasing the possible contamination of the soil and the reaction of other products of the crop program

    We thank each of the people who shared with us the launch of our new product and accompanied us once again in this experience.