Seaweed extract of brown seaweed and red seaweed.

NPKelp® is a liquid extract of two seaweeds: Macrocystis pyrifera and Gelidium robustum. It is an extract rich in organic matter that not only contains macro and micro elements, but also short carbohydrate chains typical of seaweeds, components available to help foster plant growth from sowing time to harvest time.

NPKelp®  is an extract of marine nutrients that, without a doubt, will have a positive effect in the development of agricultural crops, which will result in better performance and better products.

Benefits of NPKelp

Comes from...

fresh high-quality seaweeds.

High capacity...

in moisture retention in soils and substrates.


the natural growth and development of plants.


the absorption of nutrients and minerals.


the organic matter content.

5 and 20 L

200 L

1,000 L