Biostimulant. Two-seaweed concentrated extract: brown and red.
NPKelp® is an extract of two types of seaweeds (Macrocystis pyrifera and Gelidium robustum). It is a source of organic matter, which contains macro and micro elements, as well as a chain of carbohydrates, and also essential elements for the development of plants such as amino acids, vitamins, and phytohormones in a natural way (Auxins, Gibberellins and Cytokinins).

NPKelp® is a strong and concentrated extract of marine nutrients, which without a doubt, will positively influence the development of agricultural crops providing better yields and fruits.

Benefits of NPKelp

Comes from...

fresh high-quality seaweeds.

High capacity...

in moisture retention in soils and substrates.


the natural growth and development of plants.


the absorption of nutrients and minerals.


the organic matter content.


the mechanism of plant defenses.

5 and 20 L

200 L

1,000 L