Soil improver and root promoter. Mixture of seaweeds and terrestial plants.
Kelproot® is the result of the mixture of seaweed extract and terrestrial plants, which helps promote the rooting of plants and improves the condition of soils.

Kelproot® provides compounds of plant origin, which promote the growth of plants, thanks to its flocculant action that allows a good penetration of water and air into the root zone. In addition, it helps the development of microorganisms in the soil, which allow the decomposition of organic matter and the recycling of nutrients.

Benefits of Kelproot


the development of secondary roots.

High Capacity...

of soil conditioning.


the natural growth and development of plants.


the development of beneficial microorganisms.


the organic matter content.


the permeability in the membranes of the roots because of the content of saponins and glycocomponents.

5 and 20 L

200 L

1,000 L