Strengthener. Seaweed extract with copper as micronutrient.

CopperKelp®is a seaweed extract developed under the concept of green chemistry and nanotechnology. It allows the encapsulation of the copper ion in nanoparticles that go through the plants’ cell membranes, fulfilling the nutritional and phytopathological needs of crops.

The synergetic properties of this product’s compounds favor a better distribution, fixation, and assimilation of copper as a micronutrient.

Benefits of CopperKelp


greater area of ​​the plant because of the application method.


in a better way the release of Cu2 + ions.

Greater Adherence...

stability and absorption of the product due to its carrier property and generation of bioavailable molecules.

Adequate Amount...

for the nutrition of crops and beneficial microorganisms.


using less amount of copper used, decreasing the possible contamination of the soil.

20 L

200 L

1,000 L