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About Us

Algas Pacific® is a 100% Mexican company, located in the city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Our story...


Algas Pacific started its business in 2012 with NPKelp® as the sole product.

After the need for environmentally friendly products became noticeable along with market research and thanks to the interest of those farmers who trusted our leading product, we searched for new alternatives.

These alternatives had to fulfill the standards for organic goods, so our other five products were born: NPKelp ®, Kelproot ®, Larusoil ®, CopperKelp ® and ZnKelp ®

Our objective

To understand the specific needs of our clients so they can obtain better yields and higher quality crops thanks to the application of our products.

We have commercial coverage in 20 states of Mexico, and we are the only Mexican company in its line of business that exports its products to the United States, Spain and Chile.

Technical Assistance

Our team collaborates in an integral way from production to personalized assistance for each farmer. We are committed to the quality and the best treatment of our customers.